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Not everyone needs or wants a full time financial overseer.

But if you do ...

Look for one who really understands that investment management is just one part of a much bigger job.  

Because  wealth management is very different from an investment advisor's job of investing without concern for an individual client's level of volatility, risk, or after tax returns.

Because key elements of a good plan, like tax efficiency over time, insurance or estate planning decisions are not as easily measured and should be tailored to evolving personal circumstances and goals.

Because it should meet your goals, with the minimum risk required to get you there.  

The wealth management service is particularly helpful when investing lump sums of cash.

So, what IS our investment approach?

Our core portfolios are tailored to address your short and long term goals, tax optimization, and risks as well as possible returns.  

The 2020 pandemic markets should have reminded you that, with fewer dollars working after a big loss, you need much larger percentage gains to get back to where you started. Thanks to the Federal Reserve's rapid response, investors got lucky and got those gains.  But it's timely to remember risk management is as important as  returns.

Avoid large portfolio losses and you avoid the need for heroic gains
to recover and meet your long term goals.

Whether we're designing a new portfolio, providing you with a 'second opinion' on your current holdings, or actually managing your investments for you,  a goals directed core portfolio is structured to:

  • Customize the portfolio to your particular circumstances, preferences and cash flow requirements;
  • Utilize the lowest cost funds that meet your needs;
  • Mitigate portfolio risk through diversification;
  • Maximize investors' after tax returns  by defining and implementing an ongoing, pro-active tax plan.
  • Consider asset class valuations and facilitate risk management and rebalancing.