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  Incentive or Non Qualified Stock Options?  
         RSUs or Restricted Stock?
                  Employee Stock Purchase Plan?  

Congratulations!  Now what ?!

You need a plan for what to do with them!

Strategic financial planning can help you answer many questions.  What it doesn't address are important tactical questions triggered by your unique array of equity compensation grants.

  • There's no question that as many fortunes have been made from concentrated ownership as have been lost.  What tools are available to you to balance the risks with the opportunity?  
  • When, why, and how should you diversify your equity  compensation?  
  • What are the tax implications of exercising options and which specific lots or options should you sell?  
  • Which lots should you donate to support your philanthropic goals and when? 

For an individually tailored approach, please contact us.
Old Field Advisors can evaluate multi year tax management and risk reduction strategies for your concentrated or low cost basis assets and execute customized plans.